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 Promotions and the Ranks

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PostSubject: Promotions and the Ranks   Promotions and the Ranks Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 8:19 pm

Each org has rules to follow and while ours are flexible with the few that we do have, posting our org ranks and how we (the officers and president) consider them goes hand and hand with the rules. This is just a guideline but not a guideline to follow to get promoted by because all of our members are individuals, and so, everyone is promoted that way. Each person is voted on in the end when it comes to higher ranks like SC and General. Nothing stated here is a 100% guarantee to get promoted by following the descriptions, but, this is just what we would like to see out of members. All members, applicants and all in between are encouraged to show org support but aren't required.

    Our org's governing form is: Department.
    The ranks are: President (1 president Katrae),
    General (Revmeta, Sandolio, Evilgigas, Elandor, Devnulledcrt,Shinhitter, Merelin, Siyra)
    Squad Commander
    Unit Commander
    Unit Leader
    Unit Member

-= Applicant =-
What is expected of you as an applicant? Not much! Smile Just follow the simple rules (which are more or less just common sense). When you first come into the org, your trial starts! Every 30 days (or so) is when you will be up for promotion. We give you 30 days to get comfortable in the org and to get to know us while we're getting to know you.

-= Unit member =-
Welcome to being a member of the org! You were a member before and just as important as now but you are officially a full fledged member. The next 30 days or so leading to the next promotion you should keep aware that you represent the org. As always being helpful within and without the org are things we keep in mind.

-= Unit Leader and Unit Commander =-
This is where we'll really be looking closely at you as a person. Your leadership skills, how you get along with others in org and how generally helpful you are in org are some of the determining factors for your promotion from here. Unit commanders are able to invite other members to the org. We would like to keep org inviting to SC and Generals because with some people there is an interview process we will go through with them. You are allowed to invite members of the org that have alts who need invites and your own alts who need invites.

-= Squad commander =-
We do keep in mind that this is a game and that some people play a game to have fun. While we are aware of this, there are still some people in game that choose to take a responsibility for things. If there wasn't there wouldn't be anybody to keep the org and game fun for all of us. There are other orgs but this isn't just someone's org, this is OUR org. This becomes one of the important more roles in the org. Some of your responsibilities with this title in the org would be:

* You have access to raise and lower the org city's cloak for alien raids
* If we had towers you would be able to authorize tower attacks
* Your opinion would be counted and considered if there was a rule you thought needed changing, rewording etc. You would be included in officer meetings and your opinion would count for promotions of other members.
* If someone asks for help point them in the direction of a good guide (sometimes pictures help more than just words) but if they are new to the game, offer to help them get there or show them.

* Recruiting new members and people's alts. Don't look in every nook and cranny for new members but keep an eye out for new members that put an appication up on our forums or say something in the OOC channel.
* When no general is present a SC can act as a General in the sense if someone is harassing others or a problem outside the org occurs they are the person to take care of it until the president or general(s) gets online.

-= General =-
This is the position you should take pride in having. The generals act as the org president's eyes and ears when he isn't around. A general has many functions in the org. This position works hand and hand with the SC position. This position is given to the trusted and the deserved because of the functions a General can preform such as demolishing org city buildings.

* Recruiting new members and other's alts
* Authorizing a tower attack if we had towers
* Holding the power to raise and lower the org city's cloak
* If someone needs help point them in the direction of a good guide or offer to help them get there.
* Generals double as neutral moderators in any kind of disagreements inside and outside of the org if you need someone to help solve a problem.
* Attending org meetings and voting on promotions and anything else that needs a majority vote among officers
* Making sure rules are enforced, if need be, creating new ones to keep the org running smoothly.
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Promotions and the Ranks
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