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 The October Halloween Special Lotto!!

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PostSubject: The October Halloween Special Lotto!!   Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:09 pm

-To Enter:

You must:
Be part of one of the following Anarchy Online Organizations:
-=Power Overwhelming=-
The Leviathan Movement
Edge of Darkness

Be registered and active on these forums.* Amended. For now you may submit your entries in game.
Be approved by a General based on ideals of co-operative behavior. **
Enter before the last day of the month.

*While we'd like to see actual posts and discussion going on active more pertains to having your account on the forums approved and able to post.

**This does not mean that you need to ask a General if you are approved, it means that should you enter and a General deems your in game attitude unacceptable they have the power to withdraw your entry.

When entering:
Post a reply with your characters names. Included in that reply please denote which numbers you wish to enter with.
You get one free ticket for meeting all the requirements: Four choices, consisting of one or two numbers each no greater then forty (40).
You may purchase an additional two (2) tickets (up to a total of 3 tickets) for 500 000 credits each. All proceeds go towards the prize pool.
You cannot copy another entries numbers.
You cannot repeat numbers on the same ticket.
You may not enter more then once per lottery.

October Halloween's Lottery

The Lottery will end on Sunday, October 31, 2010 and the prize will be drawn at Midnight (or whenever I can).

Prizes are awarded according to random number generation.

-To Win:

The entry with the most matching choices is the determined winner. In the event of a tie the winnings will be split between all parties. If no matches are made then the prize pool remains for the next lottery. Any credits left over in the pool after the draw will be added into the next lottery.

One out of four matching choices: 25% of the pool.
Two out of four matching choices: 50% of the pool.
Three out of four matching choices: 75% of the pool.
Four out of four matching choices: 100% of the pool.

The current pool is an estimated: 21 000 000 Credits

-Want to see the pool grow?

Make a donation to have it added into the pool.

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Posts : 3
Join date : 2009-06-11

PostSubject: Re: The October Halloween Special Lotto!!   Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:26 pm

2 13 24 32

6 22 9 26
12 27 33 17
5 25 39 2
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The October Halloween Special Lotto!!
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