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We are a close knit family of mature people. We strive to help others with gameplay or real life and strive for kindness within. We enjoy raiding, helping anyone, and chatting with each other
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 Hoping to join

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PostSubject: Hoping to join   Hoping to join Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 1:59 am

Toon's Name - Snipin - 18

(and alts): - Demizi - 116

Toon's Profession: - Agent / Advy

Why do you wanna join our org?
I get more enjoyment out of a game when i play with friends, sure maybe friends that i will never see but friends still the same. Camaraderie with others who share your same interests in my opinion is unmatched by anything the game design itself can offer. Logging in and being able to group and play, work towards goals with your friends is what i play games for.

Time Zone: Central

Time you play:- Right now i start playing anywhere from 10am-12pm, gaming for a few hours.. but my normal time would be 4pm

Real Age: - 26

How long do you play? - My playing sessions vary, if i am soloing only an hour or two, but with friends sometimes much longer burning through to the wee hours of the morning.. when time and life permits of course.

**What type of player are you?
- I have always loved the PVM side of AO, the world is so rich. I am definitely group oriented i don't care too much for soloing unless im working towards a specific goal or runnin missions. I like to joke, i don't care to play with people that are too serious.

Anything you wish to add? - I actually played AO at release for about a year and a half. Been back now for 7 months or so, i still learn something every day about this game and its what keeps me playing, i have yet to find a group of players to share the game with but im hopeful with this guild. Also i have had 2 chars that were 200 and ended up losing the user/pass to that particular account, so i do have experience when it comes to all that.. dont let my lowbies fool ya Razz
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Hoping to join
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