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We are a close knit family of mature people. We strive to help others with gameplay or real life and strive for kindness within. We enjoy raiding, helping anyone, and chatting with each other
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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 4:43 pm

Toon's Name: Sepen
Toon's Breed: Atrox
Toon's Profession: Enforcer
**Toon's Level: 68

Why do you wanna join our org?
I want a social network and some chatter in my chat box (gets lonely in lots of zones). I don't want a ton of obligations -- particularly tower raids. This org stuck out to me for directly mentioning that you don't do tower raids, rather than "you don't have to but it is strongly encouraged". I'm mostly self-sufficient and just want some people to hang with and talk to on occasion without turning the game into a job.

Time Zone: American Central (GMT - 6)
Time You play: Right now, a lot. I'm online prob 12 hours a day for the next two weeks, though plenty of that is afk. Once classes start prob just on weekends and maybe a little in the afternoon/evening.
Real Age: 20
How Long do you play? A session? My sessions will probably always be 2+ hours. I dabbled in the game several years ago and have been playing again in 2009 for about three weeks.
***What type of player are you? Generally solo. I like to collect things, twink characters. Almost exclusively PvM so far.
Anything you wish to add? Not off hand.
Have you read the Rules and agree to them. Yes and yes.

I'm online now (Sunday) and will be for several more hours, taking it easy so will be available if you guys get in contact with me today. Tommorow evening and all day Tuesday will also be open. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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