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We are a close knit family of mature people. We strive to help others with gameplay or real life and strive for kindness within. We enjoy raiding, helping anyone, and chatting with each other
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 Information on PO, and the application process

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Information on PO, and the application process Empty
PostSubject: Information on PO, and the application process   Information on PO, and the application process Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 7:17 pm

    Power overwhelming is a close knit family of mature people, who are looking to add to our family. We are a friendly org, that is mostly into PVM (Some of us do have the Lost Eden expansion pack). We enjoy raiding, helping people, and chatting with each other. Our chats can be anywhere from Disney, to off the wall, to mature conversations.

    We currently have a ql300 city in Mort and a ql300 city in Eastern Fouls Plains which includes:

      -= Power Overwhelming's =- buildings:
      1) Large Org HQ
      2) Mining Operations
      3) Landing Pad
      4) Notum Silo
      5) Grid House

      * Overwhelming Rage:
      1) Large Org HQ
      2) Grid House
      3) Mining Operations
      4) Notum Silo

      Things we also offer are:
      1) Ventrilo - A superb choice for voice communication while raiding and such.
      2) Org forums - An excellent place for answers to questions, communicating with orgmates when not online and keeping up with org business.
      3) Personal growth - With the abundance of information from our many expierenced players, we can help you twink, teach you new things and help you grow within the game by leveling, getting items and equipment, and research.
      4) Raids daily - Inner Sanctum, totw, RK raids (biodome, mercs, HI,new DB, old DB, dread camps), S10, APF, SL raids (Albtrum, alappaa, etc).
      5) Leveling together - Chances are when you see one member from PO, you see many. Org teams ftw.

    If you are interested in applying, you can either send a tell to Katrae, Katylio, Katio, Revmeta, Fixarev, Kimoko, Kiyok or Critixah. We hang out on Jobe Platform next to the Rome Green whompah. I do ask you come prepared with the contact information below, so we can get the process started quickly. Froobs are welcome to apply also, but note that its harder for us to raid together, as most of are activities include the expansion packs.

    If your interested post your application on the forums here, or in person to the names above.

      If you send a tell, or go through our forums, please include the following:
      Toon's Name:
      Toon's Breed:
      Toon's Profession:
      **Toon's Level:
      Why do you wanna join our org?
      Time Zone:
      Time You play:
      Real Age:
      How Long do you play?
      ***What type of player are you?
      Anything you wish to add?
      Have you read the Rules and agree to them.

    If you have any questions about applying, or a clarification on any of the rules, please don't hesitate to message Squad Commander or higher.

* Certain restrictions apply to the alt org, please check with the person recruiting you if you have any questions.
** Currently we are accepting ALL levels!!!
*** We are mostly PVM and we PVP in the battlestations that Lost Eden has brought out, but so far we do not participate in tower battles, but you are free to participate if you so wish.
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Information on PO, and the application process
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