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 Org, Vent and Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Org, Vent and Forum Rules   Org, Vent and Forum Rules Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2009 2:57 am

Org Rules
These rules are just self explanatory and really just common sense. The President and Officers' job is to make the org a fun, safe and friendly environment for everyone. We are all adults though so limiting the age on our recruits to at least age 17 and are over level 50. If there's any questions please ask us.

1. Be Kind, respect others feelings and treat others as you'd want to be treated. This goes for everyone. We're all here to play and have fun. If anyone is getting disrespected and treated like crap, this game no longer becomes fun.

2. Loans & Loaned items should be returned to the Loanee. Absolutly no putting the items in your bank, when you are through with the item or you've bought your own it should be returned promptly. If you are going to quit or are unsure if you are going to continue playing the game, return items before you leave!

3. Follow the caller or raid leader at public and private raids, don't make an ass of yourself.

4. No selling of equipment that is loaned, No running off with an item that is loaned unless you are letting the person you are borrowing from know you have to leave the vicinity.

5. Do not ninja loot! All Boss, unique loot is rolled alphabetically. There is no exception to this rule when the raid in question is a public raid (such as APF/pande raids, city AI raids, LE missions, unique dyna loot, instanced playfields etc). The only exception to this rule is: unless such organized raid is for a certain player. IE: Professional nano/item needed by individual, a certain Armor, or T1, T2, T3 parts. The game gives you tools to create looting items FAIR for all team mates and org mates.

6. Help others within org the way others have helped you. Karma is a good thing. What goes around, comes around.

7. Leaving PO: Let us know!!! Either you just don't fit with us or whatever your reason it is, we'd want to fix a problem before it resulted in /org leave or /org kick. Please just talk to one of the officers before leaving!

7a. If you leave without telling someone the reason, you'll be able to return if you so wish once. Please don't use the org as your own personal revolving door.

8. Keep Personal fights in private please. Just make your own private channel and scream at each other if you can't work it out, if you need a moderator during a fight ask one of the others to moderate the conversation. If any fights or any confrontations anywhere between you and another orgmate, LOG IT. Copy the conversation (and don't edit it) to a notepad file and tell a SC or gen or the president when you can.

9. No soliciting!!

10. We only have a 5% commission on all shop sales out of the city. We don't ask for donations and have creds in the bank but to keep us from having to refarm creds, we ask you sell bots and whatnot from the org shops. This way, commission goes to the city and we don't have to worry about it. We appreciate it

11. Please do not do things that will make us look bad. What does this mean? Do Not Buy or Sell Credits, Items, or Anything else for real world cash. Do not Use Scripts/Macros that allow you to afk for hours & hours, to gain Experience in any way. Stuff like this you never earned it. Its better to Earn your way through the game, then Buy your way through. If you want an easy afk game, try www.reflexive.com.

12.NO asking people to join your Inf/Pen if your going to make it a "level requirement" thats just nor fair, and makes you look like an epeening jackass. Its your deal to level lock a raid, then go to LFT, and not exclude your orgmates, because you feel its too much of a pain to help them regardless of the hard/easy roll. (i do not ever wanna hear about they only belong on easies also. Karma will bite you in the ass one day over this)

13 If your farming the city, please announce you are doing a city raid, and to stay clear. This way we don't kill lowbies, or make the raid too hard if the person farming can't handle a 220 running through his 150 raid.

The rules of a Power Overwhelming sponsored raid are:

* People attending the raid must be in level range! This is for obvious reasons unless you are farming a raid. If you are farming a raid follow rule #2 and also make sure no one else has plans to raid.

* Please fill the CC to 100% when you are ready to raid only. If you are consistently having failed raids you will be strongly encouraged to team up or have assistance in making teams. If this is a problem enough times someone will help you with your raids, acknowledging the general is yours for the raid.

* If you drop the cloak, you are responsible for raising it!

* If you are raiding with guests, to avoid ninja looting set team loot to leader.

* If someone is hosting a raid AVOID the city while the raid is in progress. For each member of the org that is on the city property an alien will spawn around your level. If a statement is made not to enter the city until the raid is through you will be org kicked if you go out there anyways! If you need to visit the player shops or the org HQ, ask when they are in the middle of a wave or when it would be safe to pass through.

* The loot on the general and admiral is the CRU provider's loot unless the provider agrees to other ways to roll! Any nodrop items on the general the raid provider doesn't want or need can get rolled with the org bot or helpbot. Any other items on the general that you don't want, please offer to others, throw it on the S10 bank or put it in your player shop.

* A raid bot may be used to host the raid. This way teams can be made through the bot, items can be rolled appropriately and everyone can speak for raiding purposes.

* We only have a 5% commission on all shop sales out of the city. We don't ask for donations and have creds in the bank but to keep us from having to refarm creds, we ask you sell bots and whatnot from the org shops. This way, commission goes to the city and we don't have to worry about it. We appreciate it

* Out of courtesy and respect for other orgmates, this is our org city. Please limit the CRU providers to friends of the org or orgmates. Deciding the CRU provider is up to whoever wants to raid. !roll on the org bot or a mock flat roll on a raid bot is the best way to decide the provider if there are multiple providers. Don't ninja loot. Ninja looting will result in a ban from the current raid and any other raids if your participation is allowed. This will be decided upon by Generals. If it was an accident bring it to a General's attention or a raidbot admin.

* Also out of courtesy and respect for other players/raiders/guests/friends don't make a jackass out of yourself. If we are raiding with guests and friends or other orgs, be on your best behavior. This goes further than just public raids because everyone is a representation of the org.

Getting into the swing of raids if a rule should be added to this list then it will be edited to include the new rule. Before raiding, check here to see if any changes were made!

Because there is a new interest in farming the city, there should be some more of those common sense rule things here!

* If you drop the cloak, you are responsible for raising it. If you can't make sure someone will raise it for you. The only thing you are hurting by leaving it down is you have to wait longer to raid again.

* If there are items you don't want on the general, out of courtesy, offer the items to the org (a swatch, comrelay w/e).

* Ask if anyone else is planning on using the city (to check player shops, or running through) for raiding. Since it's an interest in farming the city, I'm sure they'll be more than 1 person that'd like to farm so we're going to need to take turns. Announcing before hand you'd like to raid gives others a chance to say something.

* If anyone else has access to your account and you are letting them raid with your account, we're going to ask that you don't. No if's and's or but's. You were given the position because of one reason or another, not you and the person you share your account with. If you both have same rank and account share, no difference so no problem.

* If you are taking CRU from the Sect10 bank, you are responsible for keeping the stock for others to use as well. You don't have to buy CRU, but when we make trips to Sect10, any cru you pick up should be returned to the bank to ensure everyone is able to use it. This should ensure a never ending supply. It drops frequently so there should be no problem. If you are using your own CRU then there's no worries.

* If more than 1 person is farming the city, the normal raiding rules should be taken into mind. If both want to farm the city, roll on the provider. 95% of the time there's someone online to re-invite to the org if you drop org for the raid. Or avoid dropping if you stand on the city's dead spot. Even if you roll but don't win the roll you are still getting AXP out of it. If they won, you get to raid when the city is ready again.

* Just be fair. Everyone is putting alot of effort into making sure everyone is happy with the way items and teams and providers etc are made and divided. As with all raids and activities just make it fair so that everyone is happy.
Current Leaders:

Evilgigas, Revmeta, Ayria, Aetostrade, Jilener and Nymphal. Consider this org a group effort and not 1 person is the president. The 6 of us might not be on everyday, but its JUST us 5 that will be Generals.

You can pretty much go to anyone in the org that's been around for a while aside from us 6, but aside from any major hurdles, or problems, please contact one of those 6. there is at least 1 of us on a day, if not more. Please remember all of us have real lives, jobs, children, or other interests. We're a group of adults folks, and can handle ourselves.
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Org, Vent and Forum Rules
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