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 Merc Raid Successful!!!

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Merc Raid Successful!!! Empty
PostSubject: Merc Raid Successful!!!   Merc Raid Successful!!! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 4:24 am

with a very small raidforce, we took on all 5 mercs!!! gratz to those who won their loot
(Shinhitter, Katrae, Wcdoc, Revmeta, Blazenup420, Santiam, Redneckcrat, Bratiilla, Arsonal, Tripikatie, and Pillage)
here is the aftershot of everyone (minus Tripikatie they had to go to bed i believe, and minus rev, cause he got warped when we pulled some randoms afterwards for some implants Razz)
Merc Raid Successful!!! Scrn0032
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Merc Raid Successful!!!
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