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 Org information for new members

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PostSubject: Org information for new members   Org information for new members Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 1:44 am

First of all, welcome to the family! If you are new to the org or if you are just checking us out, this informative post is just going to cover some basic information about the org.

- All new recruits stay applicant for 30 days. This is plenty of time for us to get to know you, and you to get to know us. If for any reason you aren't happy or it doesn't work out, please tell someone before you leave! After 30 days, you'll become a unit member and progress from there. We don't restrict you on having your alts in org when you join so, if you have alts to recruit, let the person interviewing you know!

- When you see one member from PO, you normally see a few members from PO. Generally we do things as a group. Rarely we pick up outsiders from /lft unless they are a friend of someone in team etc. It prides us to be able to do things as an org together. There is close to nothing we can't do within the org!

- We do have ventrilo for voice communication. Many orgs use ventrilo or teamspeak at least. This makes for easier raiding, instructing, org meetings, answers to questions. It is not a requirement to use ventrilo, alot of orgmates do use it though. We have a 50 person server with team channels available if the main channel is too busy or if you are doing something totally different.

- Our org forums are a plethora of information! Our org forums is a good place to keep up on org business if you miss it in org chat or something. Links to useful websites, 3rd party programs and guides are here. If there is something you can't find.. the next best site is AO-Universe.org Wink If there's a raid you want to do, an item you need or a quest you want help with.. feel free to post it in one of the raids sections. Some of us are forum trolls and someone will see it!

- Player shops are limited because we do have alot of members. If you can't find a shop, ask Katrae/Katio if there's a shop that can be released for you.
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Org information for new members
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